poured rubber surfacing

Poured rubber provides an attractive, resilient, seamless two layer surface that is slip-resistant and ultimately accessible. The product is comprised of a color pigmented synthetic rubber bonded with a polyurethane binding agent. Our product is formulated specifically for playground environments, and uses a mix of rubber to urethane that provides strength and durability with maximum resilience.

This product is available in a variety of colors that can be can be combined to create inlaid designs and graphics. The product involves a higher initial investment, but requires less maintenance over the life of the product. Costs can be controlled by the amount of color used, mixing in black for a pebbled look, and by keeping the design simple.

Installation must not take place if the temperature falls below 40 degrees. Thicknesses are specified to meet varying critical fall heights within the playground. The product is porous to allow free flow of water, so it resists puddling, and is always ready for play.

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