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Essential Steps

Safety Guide


Find a playground consultant who you can trust with every aspect of the playspace building process, from planning to installation and all points in between.

You don’t have to look far to find a good consultant. A&A Playground Services has knowledgable network of authorized representatives to work with you one-on-one to brainstorm, design, and build the playspace of your wildest dreams. Your representative’s services can include:


  • Full installation services


  • Custom maintenance program


  • FREE site evaluation and inspection


  • FREE custom playground design and layout


  • FREE safety and risk management consultation


  • FREE accessibility consultation


  • FREE budgeting and fundraising advice

Our extensive service covers all aspects of Playgrounds and we are able to manage projects of all sizes from concept to completion

Safe surfacing & Genral Constuction

We are able to supply and install a full range of ground surfacing from loose wood muchl/sand-lots through to tiles and pour in place. We also carry out all associated works including excavations, baseworks and edgings. We would be pleased to advise which surfacing option would best suit your requirements.

As every project we work on is different, we are able to accommodate all needs and will carry out any general construction work which is connected to the main playground project. This includes footpaths in many different materials, brick walls, drainage, tarmac, block paving, planting and other landscaping works.

Essential steps 


With many years design experience we are able to create playgrounds which meet all current regulations, the needs of the community and work well with the available site. Our designs can also be tailored to meet your available budget if applicable. We have a range of drawing styles to illustrate our proposals. We are always able to modify our initial design, following feedback, as required.

Supply & Installation

We also supply all items which are associated with playgrounds including furniture and fencing.

We directly employ our own in house installation teams who are highly experienced and possess a wide range of skills; this provides project flexibility and also guarantees quality workmanship. We are also available to attend sites rapidly if an urgent need arises.

Health and Safety is always our priority and we are proud of our excellent record. All installation personnel have undergone relevant training to ensure tasks can be carried out safely. We use security fencing where necessary to ensure the site is secure and where possible we only fit useable parts at the end of the works.

We often use the services of an independent inspector to prepare a report before the finished project is handed over to the client.

Step 1 : Choosing A Professional Partner

At no cost or obligation, A&A Playground Service professional will sit down with you to conduct a needs assessment to determine your objectives, age of children, space considerations, kid capacity, budget, site-planning and design ideas.

We’ll also conduct a Site Assessment to analyze all of the details related to your playground including space, budget, site requirements and more. And of course, we’ll help you understand and comply with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines


Step 2 : Playground Design With a Difference

Our design team will take your wish list of playground components and produce a professional scaled drawing of your concept idea. This is very helpful in helping groups see how their ideas actually fit into their area. Often at this point some revisions are needed. Once the playground equipment is finalized, our team will do a final design for you that shows your playground placed into your unique site.

Now that all your ideas are on paper we can help you see them in living color. With your input on color and desired perspective, we will produce a 3-D drawing for you to display, use for fundraising, or present to your school or community


Step 3 : Delivering Your Playground When You're Ready

Once you place your order, A&A Playground Service team works quickly to get your playground to you when you need it. Nobody has a faster turnaround time than us, and our goal is for every order to be 100% complete, correct and on-time. We’ll also make sure you’re ready to receive the playground equipment shipment by letting you know exactly when it will arrive and how you need to prepare.

Step 4 : Playground Installation With Ease

Some organizations prefer to have us handle the entire installation, whereas others like to take a team approach to build enthusiasm and promote a sense of community. In either case, you can count on us to make sure your site is properly prepared and to ensure that your playground installation is done right and meet the latest industry safety compliance guidelines.

Now is also the time to review warranty and maintenance information with your A&A Playground Services representative and your team to ensure that your investment will be a source of joy for years to come.

Step 5 : Service Before And After The Sale

Great service means more than just meeting your needs until the playground is in the ground. It requires going the extra mile and being there to serve you long after installation. We stick around long after your playground is in the ground and the kids have played on it. If you have any questions or require service on your playground, call us directly at 1-877-677-7709.


You can rely on the entire team and our industry-leading warranties to stand the test of time for generations to come.

Safety Guide

1) Safety

Safety concerns and issues must be the highest priority throughout the playground planning and development process. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 70% of the more than 200,000 injuries associated with playground equipment each year result from falls to the underlying surface. To reduce the number of injuries due to falls, the installation of protective surfacing and the creation adequate play equipment use zones under and around playground equipment is essential.

The major causes of the 10-12 deaths that occur in public playgrounds each year are entanglement of clothing, strings, and ropes; falls to underlying surfaces; head entrapment in equipment openings; and impact by moving swings or by tipped / loose equipment. In a continuing five-year study to determine why playground injuries occur, most injuries were found to be the result of 1) user misuse or failure / lack of supervision (44%), 2) inadequate maintenance (40%), 3) inappropriate design (7%), and 4) installation issues / failure to follow plans and instructions (6%), and site planning issues (3%)2. Many factors, including surfacing material, maintenance, appropriate design and layout, and proper installation should be considered when developing a public playground.

Despite the fact that there is no national playground safety law in this country, the courts have determined that two documents represent “the standard of care” for playground safety in the U.S. The first document is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Handbook for Public Playground Safety3 (current version), which is a Federal Guideline written for owners and users of public playgrounds. If not already available, the CPSC Handbook can be downloaded at no cost by accessing CPSC’s website at The second document is the American Society for Testing and Materials International(ASTM) Playground Safety Standard F1487 (current version), Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use4. Each of these documents should be utilized throughout the playground development process in order to develop playgrounds that comply with the national “standard of care”.


2) Age Appropriateness

In the playground planning process, it is important to determine the age of the playground users. Public playgrounds are generally intended for children between 2-12 years of age. Preschool (ages 2-5) and school age children (ages 5-12) differ dramatically not only in physical size and ability but also in their problem-solving and social skills. As a result, children aged 2-5 are not safe on equipment designed for children aged 5-12. The playground design process needs to address these differences by identifying equipment that is age appropriate in regard to the type, scale, and layout of equipment.


3) Maintenance

Maintenance must also be considered in all phases of the playground planning and development process. If proper design is the key to developing an effective playground, then routine and preventive maintenance is the key to keeping it that way. A comprehensive maintenance program must be developed for the playground. Generally, all equipment must be inspected frequently for hazards and other items that do not comply with the CPSC Handbook and ASTM F1487. The maintenance program should also incorporate a process to complete repairs identified during the inspection, as well as address custodial maintenance tasks such as the removal of broken glass or other litter and debris.


4) Accessibility

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a comprehensive law that took effect in January 1991. As a result of the ADA, access to recreation and play settings is now a guaranteed civil right for all Americans. Basically, the ADA is a national law that requires all newly developed and altered playgrounds to be accessible to persons with disabilities. The Architectural and Transportation Compliance Board (Access Board) has recently developed rules and regulations for determining what is to be accessible and how to achieve accessibility, that address the technical requirements for accessible routes, elevated and ground level play components, ramps and transfer stations, and surfacing.

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