Ground Surfacing

engineered wood fiber surfacing

This product is manufactured from engineered, non-toxic, crushed wood fiber (comprised of softwoods or hardwoods), consisting of randomly sized wood fibers, the majority of which do not exceed 1.5″-3″ in length, containing 10%-20% fine pieces to aid in compaction. (It is generally understood that the manufacturing process allows a few oversized pieces.)    Read More

engineered rubber mulch surfacing

Rubber mulch generally consists of either waste tire buffings or nuggets of rubber from tires that are ground up whole, after having their steel bands removed. Almost any tire can be used to make rubber mulch, including passenger vehicle tires and large truck and trailer tires. Buffings are produced from recycled truck tire tread when the remainder of the worn-down tread is removed from the tire prior to retreading. Buffings are generally thin slivers of rubber. Nuggets range in size from 10 mm to 32 mm, or 3/8 inch to 11⁄4 inch.  Read More

poured rubber surfacing

Poured rubber provides an attractive, resilient, seamless two layer surface that is slip-resistant and ultimately accessible. The product is comprised of a color pigmented synthetic rubber bonded with a polyurethane binding agent. Our product is formulated specifically for playground environments, and uses a mix of rubber to urethane that provides strength and durability with maximum resilience. 

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