engineered wood fiber surfacing

This product is manufactured from engineered, non-toxic, crushed wood fiber (comprised of softwoods or hardwoods), consisting of randomly sized wood fibers, the majority of which do not exceed 1.5″-3″ in length, containing 10%-20% fine pieces to aid in compaction. (It is generally understood that the manufacturing process allows a few oversized pieces.)

Once the newly installed product has settled, it forms a “knitted” or compacted layer that will support a wheelchair, crutches, walkers, etc. It does not utilize any wood containing paint, chemicals or additives. The product has minimal bark and is free of twigs, leaf debris and other organic materials. Drainage is important, and the product may freeze if wet in cold weather conditions.

Wood fiber is one of the most economical surface choices initially, but will require more maintenance and occasional topping off to maintain the recommended depth, and remain compliant with standards and warranty. Wood fiber can be installed by volunteer labor, as well as by an installer. It gives your playground an attractive, natural look.

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